First solution for organs preservation and perfusion developed by Polish researchers.

– supports the preservation of the graft’s structural – functional integrity

– intended for flushing and storage of: heart, liver, pancreas and kidneys

– developed in collaboration with academic professors and doctors in the field of transplantation


Biolasol is a clear, colorless (or slightly yellow) solution with an osmolarity of 330 mOsm / l, the total concentration of sodium 105 mmol / l and of potassium 10 mmol / l and a pH of 7.4 at room temperature. Biolasol solution is sterile and pyrogen-free.


 Dextran 70 kDa – 0.7 mmol;  glucose – 167 mmol; tri-sodium citrate – 30 mmol; di-sodium edetate – 5 mmol; potassium chloride – 10 mmol; fumarate magnesium – 5 mmol; Sodium bicarbonate – 5 mmol; Calcium chloride – 0.5 mmol; Water for injection ad’ 1 000 ml.

Storage and transport conditions

Biolasol solution is stable for 24 months when stored in temperature range of 2 – 8 °C and 12 months in temperature range 12 – 25 °C.

Nature and contents of container

 A bag made of ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), volume of 1000 ml.
The outer packaging in the form of barrier packaging PA / PE.


 Fluid complies with 93/42, Reg. No. TNP/MDD/0120/3991/2014 for the product category: Class IIa, issued by TUV Nord, Poland, 06/05/2015.


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