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ExtraCe Immuno

Dietary supplement with L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and zinc, which helps in the proper functioning of the immune system and contributes to the reduction of tiredness.



L- ascorbic acid (vitamin C) it is an antioxidant. Activates many enzymes, facilitates the assimilation of iron, affects the synthesis of corticosteroids and some neurotransmitters. It maintains the normal state of the connective tissue (it is necessary in the synthesis of collagen), strengthens the gums and teeth, kills bacteria that cause tooth decay. Vitamin C strengthens the body’s resistance to infections. It facilitates wound healing and stabilizes the psyche. Takes part in the transformation of tyrosine. It also affects the maintenance of the proper oxidative potential in the cell.

Zinc  is one of the essential micronutrients. It is present in the active sites of many (about 200) enzymes involved in various processes, including metabolic processes. In addition, many transcription factors, regulatory proteins and DNA-binding proteins contain zinc in their structure. Therefore, zinc has an impact on all basic life processes. It takes part inter alia in bone mineralization, wound healing, affects the immune system, proper insulin secretion by the pancreas and the concentration of vitamin A and cholesterol. Zinc has its share in the regulation of blood pressure and heart rhythm.

Pine extract  have an expectorant and disinfectant effect, which is why they are used with hoarseness, runny nose, cough and sore throat.

Lime tree extract is an excellent agent used primarily in the fight against all types of respiratory infections, which also supports the body’s defenses.

Raspberry extract has antipyretic and diaphoretic effect, has anti-inflammatory, astringent and antibacterial properties.

Elderberry extract has inter alia anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended in colds.


Effect description: 

L- ascorbic acid (vitamin C) –  contributes to the reduction of tiredness

Zinc –  helps in the proper functioning of the immune system


L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), zinc acetate, pine extract, extract from lime tree, raspberry extract, Elderberry extract, filler – sorbitol, glucose, potato starch, anti-caking agent – magnesium salts of fatty acids.

Instructions for use:

1 tablet 1 time a day during meal

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

Content of nutritional constituents in the product:

1 tablet: L-ascorbic acid 240 mg (300% NRV*), zinc 10 mg (100% NRV*)

*NRV (Nutrient Reference Value)


100 tablets

Storage conditions:

Store in a dry place at below 25°C.

The product should be stored out of the reach of young children.


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

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