Research Department
Pharm. Prof. dr hab. n. farm. Barbara Dolińska

Research Department

  • employs specialists in the field of pharmacy, chemistry and biotechnology
  • is equipped with modern laboratory and analytical equipment
  • collaborates with many research centers in Poland

Research Department’s tasks include:

  • Preparing the registration dossier of medicinal veterinary products:

(check!) Biolactin – a solution of porcine prolactin for per os. administration for sucking piglets.

Used when insufficient food intake from a sow occurs. Prophylactically in sucking piglets with low birth weight and disease symptoms, ie .: diarrhea, vomiting. It contributes to the reduction of percentage deaths of piglets.

(check!) Biorelina WET – buserelin solution for injections for cows and does. Generic preparation. Used in the treatment of reproductive disorders associated to ovaries and prophylactically for improving the fertilization rate of cows and does.

– Isolation and purification of pituitary hormones from a natural material

– Stability testing according to the requirements of the ICH “Stability” Q1A (R2)

– Development and validation of the analytical methods for the active substances’ determination

The other result of the Research Department work is a number of publications published in national and global scientific journals.