‘Biochefa’ company took part in the International Fairs POLAGRA FOOD, which took place on September 29 – October 2 in Poznań.

Polagra FOOD fairs were combined with POLAGRA TECH fairs, TAROPAK Packaging fairs and gastronomical fairs POLAGRA GASTRO. This year’s edition of fairs was attended by 1300 exhibitors from 45 countries. Our company presented under the banner of NUTRIBIOMED Cluster.

Fairs were great opportunity to present the products offer, achievements in the field of scientific research and services provided by the ‘Biochefa’ company. Huge number of exhibitors and visitors presented at Polagra FOOD fairs allowed to establish new business contacts, which may result in future cooperations.

Important elements of Polagra FOOD fairs were the events accompanying them. Representatives of our company have the opportunity to participate in a scientific conference “Innovative lines of food products of plant and animal origin for health- offer for the industry”, as well as in numerous meetings and events, which allowed better understanding of the industry and current trends.